Friday, 29 March 2013


The new algorithm works (still a secret) Here is an application screenshot, showing the robots location and pose.

I shall be uploading the source code once I have coded it properly, and will be making a "Kinect Robotics" library for anyone who wishes to use the Kinect for robotics using the "official" SDK.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013


After days of struggle, I think I have struck oil. The algorithm I mentioned works like a charm, but still needs to be tested. I shall be posting the code soon for anyone like me (Lol, I hardly think it'll happen). Anyways, I will be creating a Kinect Vision Library, which will allow .NET devs to easily access whatever I have without  the struggle....

Here is the function I use, any questions, please comment below.
Code: VB

Function estimateDistBWCentroid(ByVal srcIn As PointCloud, ByVal dstIn As PointCloud) As Double
        Dim src As PointCloud = srcIn
        Dim dst As PointCloud = dstIn
        If < 3 Then
            Throw New Exception("Error: at least 3 correspondences must be provided")
        End If

        Dim cL, cR As New Point3D(0, 0, 0)
        Dim S, N As MatrixA
        Dim Z, D As MatrixA

        Dim v As New List(Of Double)

        Dim nMatches As Integer =
        'Compute centroid
        For i = 0 To nMatches - 1


        Dim F As Double = 1.0 / nMatches

        cL *= F
        cR *= F
'This will give the transitional vector (just change z to x or y to get the corresponding vector)

        Return cL.z - cR.z 'System.Math.Sqrt(((cL.x - cR.x) ^ 2) + ((cL.y - cR.y) ^ 2) + ((cL.z - cR.z) ^ 2)) '
End Function

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

New Ideas

Its been days since I am trying to find an optimal algorithm to find the transformation between two point clouds with outliers and I have failed so far. I have a new idea.

  • Compute the centroid of the two point clouds (least means squares)
  • Find the displacement of the centroid
  • Repeat these with "hypothetical inliers" and revise the error (RANSAC)
This would give me a pretty good approximation....

Programming in a better environment

So, I have my holidays, and yeah, I must complete Yoda (its a friendly robot) in this time but I am not doing this at my house, I happen to visit my Grandparents at Dehradun and this is the last day I am here, the climate here is absolutely amazing. So much greenery opens one's mind. Here are a few pictures.... (from my iPod)